How to survive the Christmas & Holiday Season

You have had a great year. Maybe you have achieved some great things with your health & fitness, or you have just started on your journey. No matter what your situation, you will get through the Christmas Silliness! I know it’s the time of year for lots of parties, drinks, dinners out, finger food, lots of temptations, less sleep, more stress….but you can do it!

Here are some of my top tips to help you get through the next 5-6 weeks!

  • Every day is a new day. You can’t change the past, so no regrets. If you didn’t exercise yesterday, or you had too many drinks last night, or you binrged on some chocolate cause you had a stressful day…Get over it! You are the only one that can change it, so start NOW!
  • If you are heading on holidays this Christmas (lucky you), you can still exercise! You don’t need to have loads of equipment with you, just remember to take your training gear. Walking, running or if you are going beachside, why not go for a swim? If you want to do some strength and conditioning training, why not use your body weight? Push ups, squats, lunges, step ups on a park bench? Or why not purchase a resistance band (ADD LINK) and take that with you?
  • Why not use this time to think about what went well this year and what you want to achieve next year – some goals or challenges? What about doing a Fun Run, a Bootcamp, a Triathlon? It is great if you have something to aim for with your training.
  • If you have had a busy training year, it is OK to have a rest as well
  • If you are only just starting out on your health & fitness journey, don’t let this time of year scare you! Keep moving and eat well! You can do it.


For most people, Christmas is about family and friends, eating lots of yummy food and of course there is drinking too! But how can you get through the next 5-6 weeks without putting on heaps of weight and feeling yuk?

Here are my top tips for surviving the Christmas and holiday period:

  • Don’t feel guilty. It’s better to have feel good hormones pumping around your body, rather than the guilty hormones. Refer back to point one – just move on. If it helps, next time you go for the ‘bad food/drink’, remember how you felt last time you did it!
  • I know that over Christmas, there are lots of foods you probably only get at Christmas time, but that doesn’t mean you can eat your body weight in it! Think about your Portion Size. Why not take a little bit of all the foods you want to try. Put your food on a smaller plate, so your plate looks full!
  • Why not make Christmas lunch all about fresh seafood, salads, fresh veggies and fruit?
  • Make sure you chew your food, eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. When you start to feel full – STOP!
  • After your Christmas lunch, why not go for a walk with family/friends? Rather than sitting in your chair having a snooze because you ate too much and can’t move!
  • Staying hydrated is also really important. You need to drink at least 2 Litres of water every day – 3 Litres would be better. If water is a bit boring for you, add a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime to it. If you are having a few drinks out, make sure you drink a big glass of water between drinks. Drink slowly and enjoy your drink.

But most importantly, enjoy the Christmas & holiday break. If you have been exercising and training hard all year, why not use this time to take a small break and change up your program. Try some yoga, pilates and stretching? Your body will thank you for letting it recover from your hard training. Then you will be even more motivated, enthusiastic to get back into your training program in 2015.

Yours in good health

Amanda x